Monday, August 14, 2017


As a lot of you know, I have a part time job outside of doing photography and that I'm a senior in high school this year.  I'm also part of a martial arts class called Jeet Kune Do, go to church, and will be duel enrolling at Carson Newman University.  As you can tell, I'm extremely busy nowadays.  I've done a lot of thinking and I believe it's best if I give photography a break.  I need time to focus on school, work, and other things.  I honestly don't have much time do to photo shoots and edit pictures.  I have a couple of people that have already asked me to do pictures for them so I will be doing those few sessions, but will not be accepting anymore clients.  If you wanted pictures done by me, but weren't one of those people who asked me to do pictures ahead of time, I can suggest other photographers I know and trust!  My e-mail is listed at the top of my blog in the description if you'd like to contact me.  I will post pictures from the next photo shoots that I'm doing, but will be gone after that.  Thank you to all my amazing models for helping me get my photography business started! You all have been great to take pictures of!

-Leigha Mabe

Senior Pictures

Hey guys!  Long time no see!  This summer, I got the chance to take senior pictures for two girls that I know, Amanda and Mahla!  I've been meaning to post them sooner, but time has just gotten away from me.  But the pictures are finally up today!  Enjoy!

Thanks for viewing!

-Leigha Mabe

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Prom 2k17

It's prom time guys! This year my cousins Dalton and Amity asked me to take their prom pictures!  And they both looked AMAZING. I'm so thankful that I was able to help capture part of the awesome time they had at this year's prom.  Enjoy these pictures!

Photos taken in Rutledge, Tennessee.

Thank you bunches for taking the time to look at my pictures!

-Leigha Mabe

Monday, December 12, 2016

Page Massey's 1st Birthday

Hey, I'm back with my last photoshoot of the year!  I will be taking a break due to the cold weather, but I'll be back in the spring time hopefully!

You guys remember Page, right?  Well a couple weeks ago was her 1st birthday and I had the wonderful chance of taking her and her family's pictures.  Page has changed a lot since the last time you all saw her, but she's still as sweet as can be!  Enjoy!

Photos taken at Carson Newman University in Jefferson City, Tennessee.

Happy birthday, Page!  You just don't know how loved you are!

-Leigha Mabe

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Eliza Burton

I'm so excited to share this photoshoot with you guys!  My best friend, Eliza, let me take her 16th birthday pictures and she brought along her pointe shoes!  I'm so thankful for Eliza dealing with me and the cold.  Haha!  Enjoy!

Photos taken in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee.

-Leigha Mabe